5 Best real estate Projects in Multan for Investment in 2024

Real estate projects in Multan


Multan is a historical city along with the 5th largest city of Pakistan. Has emerged as a prime destination for real estate investment. With its rich cultural heritage, strategic location, and growing infrastructure, offers several promising real estate projects in Multan.

In this article, we will explore five of the best real estate projects in Multan for potential investors. These projects boast reputable developers, modern amenities, and convenient locations, making them attractive options for those seeking long-term investment opportunities.

Followings are the top five  real estate projects in Multan

  1. DHA Multan
  2. Wapda Town Multan
  3. Buch Executive Villas Multan
  4. Royal Orchard Multan
  5. Citi Housing Multan

 1. DHA a real estate project in Multan

DHA pMultan Project

In the present, many real estate projects in Multan started in which DHA Multan is the largest project in the history of Multan and Syed Muhammad Ali Mehdi leading this project. DHA Multan is located in opposite of Citi housing Multan phase-1.

The total area of the DHA Multan is 10000 Acres, which divided into sectors. Top reasons behind the success and making DHA No 1 society are the Multi advance planning and excellent infrastructure. DHA have done many successful projects. That is why the trust of investors and people are growing rapidly day-by-day.

We have seen no competition of DHA with the other societies in Multan because the worth and advancement in real estate in Pakistan introduce by the DHA. It will not good if we do not highlight the top five reasons why DHA Multan is more successful than other property projects in Multan are given below:

 DHA Property Project in Multan key Points:

  • Extraordinary Management System
  • Top ranking brand and hoteling systems
  • Not compromise on security systems
  • World class hospital and educational chain
  • Greenery and peaceful living life style


2. Wapda Town real estate project in Multan

Wapda town Multan


Wapda Town Multan is another successful real estate project in Multan. Behind the success of every project their is a many minds working that’s why their is a chain of minds behind the wapda town success is differ in different times. The total area of the wapda town Multan is approximately 363 Acres.

Wapda town is divide in 3 phases. The 1& 2 phases are located in Northern Bypass road and the 3rd phase are located in Mati tal road Multan. Before the established of the wapda town Multan the Northern Bypass road have no value but now Northern Bypass have a good name that’s why wapda town is the major part behind the success of properties project in Multan.

Wapda town offers 3, 5,7,10 and 1 kanal residential plots on a affordable prices. Improves the standard lifestyle of the people of wapda town Multan is the major concern of the society.

3. Buch Executive Villas Multan

Butch villas real estate project in Multan
Butch villas real estate project in Multan

The Goodness of Multan is a big name of real estate industry working in Multan to provide the standard lifestyle of Multan’s peoples. In this top ranking real estate, projects in Multan Buch Executive villas give their 100 percent to provide a beautiful and peaceful environment.

Butch Executive villas located on Main Bosan road Multan and very near to BZU University Multan. Butch villas surrounded with mango Gardens that is why the temperature is under control. The beautiful parks, zoo and the beautiful design of the building enhance the beauty of the buch villas.

In the start the society is develop on a specific land area but after the success of the butch villas, the society purchase more land to large their project. In Multan butch villas playing a very important role in property project in Multan. The Major Key success of butch executive villas are:

Butch Executive Villas a real estate Project in Multan key Points:

  • Butch international Hospital ( yasir Bucha owner of this hospital)
  • Universal Cinema Butch villas

Butch international hospital is one of the beautiful building and top international standard hospital in Multan. The interest to build the international standard hospital in Multan is showing a kind heart of CEO and Founder Yasir  butcha. The beautiful building of universal cinema butch villas is providing entertainment to the people of south Punjab. Peoples of the different city of south Punjab are travelling to Multan universal cinema butch villas for entertainment purpose.

4. Royal Orchard Multan

Royal Orchard reat estate project in Multan

The well-organised society, which is located in Multan Bypass, called Royal Orchard Multan. In real estate projects in Multan Royal Orchard is considered In the top of the list.

The total area of the society is 4,000 kanal. Beautiful parks, Heart Touching Buildings, sports grounds, security system and CCTV cameras monitoring are the main key features of Royal Orchard Multan. The royal Orchard is developing by Royal Developers and Habib Rafique Private.

The royal orchard chain is giving healthy environment to the people of many many cities .wapda town, Buch Executive villas Multan and royal Orchard have a very close competition in Multan because every society give their 100 percent to ensure the betterment of the people in  city of saints.

Royal Orchard Multan is divided in different blocks. The some main features of Royal Orchard Multan mentioned below:

Royal Orchard a real estate Project in Multan key Points:

  • Best road infrastructure
  • Play Grounds
  • Educational institute’s
  • Family park
  • 24/7 Security Systems

5. Citi Housing Multan

Citi housing Multan is located on a prime location in Luftabad near BZU University Main Bosan road Multan. It is the best symbol that well known societies work for the betterment of Multan and play key role in real estate projects in Multan.

Citi housing projects started in different cities in back time . The young CEO Mr Zoraiz Malik is leading the project of Citi housing Multan. The society launched on 1st June 2020. The society is offering best rate for residential plots on easy instalments, which is the best opportunity to the people of city of saints.

Citi housing Multan have 2 phases. Phase 1 is divided in 9 blocks named A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I and jinnah blocks . Citi housing also offering commercial plots 2.5, 5 and 8 Marla. Citi housing Multan want to play a important role in property projects in Multan.



The projects mentioned above, such as Royal Orchard Multan, Citi Housing Multan, Wapda Town Multan, Buch Executive Villas, and DHA Multan, offer a range of residential and commercial options with modern infrastructure, amenities, and secure environments.

However, it is crucial for investors to conduct thorough research, assess market conditions, and consult with experts before making any investment decisions. With careful consideration and due diligence, investing in the best real estate projects in Multan can yield profitable returns and contribute to long-term wealth accumulation.


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