Aiwa City Attock Overview – Instalments, NOC, Map

aiwa city attock overview

Aiwa City Attock: A Dream Destination for Your Future Home

Your Dream Home Awaits in Aiwa City Attock

Are you in search of the perfect place to build your dream home? Look no further than Aiwa City Attock! Nestled in the heart of Punjab, Pakistan, Aiwa City offers a promising future for those seeking a peaceful and modern lifestyle. In this blog, we will take you on a journey through Aiwa City, exploring its features, installment plans, the NOC status, and its location on the map.

Overview of Aiwa City Attock:

Aiwa City Attock is an up-and-coming residential project that boasts a blend of modern infrastructure and serene natural surroundings. Developed by 5G Group of Companies and Surbana Jurong, the builders aims to provide residents with a life of comfort and convenience. Spanning across vast expanses of land, the city offers a wide range of residential plots to cater to various needs and preferences.

The developers 5G Groups of companies have taken great care in designing Aiwa City, ensuring that every aspect of the community complements the local environment. The city is set to become a hub of modern living, where residents can enjoy the perfect harmony of nature and urban amenities.

Instalment Plans:

To make the dream of owning a home in Aiwa City accessible to everyone, the developers have introduced attractive installment plans. These flexible payment options allow potential homeowners to secure their plot without burdening their finances. The installment plans are designed to be affordable and convenient, making it possible for individuals from all walks of life to invest in their future.

Aiwa city Attock p

Aiwa City 5 Marla Prices:

  • Total Price: Rs. 2,450,000/-
  • 15% Booking: Rs. 367,500/-
  • 15% Confirmation: Rs. 367,500/-
  • 28 Monthly Installments: Rs. 20,000/- (Each)
  • 5 Semi-Annual Installments: Rs. 196,000/- (Each)
  • Possession: Rs. 175,000/-

Aiwa City 7 Marla Prices:

  • Total Price: Rs. 3,430,000/-
  • 15% Booking: Rs. 514,500/-
  • 15% Confirmation: Rs. 514,500/-
  • 28 Monthly Installments: Rs. 28,000/- (Each)
  • 5 Semi-Annual Installments: Rs. 274,000/- (Each)
  • Possession: Rs. 245,000/-

Aiwa City 10 Marla Prices:

  • Total Price: Rs. 3,900,000/-
  • 15% Booking: Rs. 585,000/-
  • 15% Confirmation: Rs. 585,000/-
  • 28 Monthly Installments: Rs. 30,000/- (Each)
  • 5 Semi-Annual Installments: Rs. 312,000/- (Each)
  • Possession: Rs. 330,000/-

Aiwa City 1 Kanal Prices:

  • Total Price: Rs. 7,800,000/-
  • 15% Booking: Rs. 1,170,000/-
  • 15% Confirmation: Rs. 1,170,000/-
  • 28 Monthly Installments: Rs. 60,000/- (Each)
  • 5 Semi-Annual Installments: Rs. 624,000/- (Each)
  • Possession: Rs. 660,000/-

Prospective buyers can choose from various plot sizes and payment options according to their budget and requirements. With the installment plans, owning a piece of land in Aiwa City has become an attainable dream.

NOC Status:

One of the primary concerns of any homebuyer is the legal status of the project. In the case of Aiwa City Attock is approved by PHATA and TMA. This means you can invest with confidence, knowing that your investment is secure and that the development will be carried out following all the legal and regulatory requirements.

The possession of valid NOCs is a testament to the developers’ commitment to delivering a transparent and trustworthy project. Buyers can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they are investing in a legitimate and legally-approved venture.

Location on the Map:

Aiwa City’s strategic location is one of its most significant advantages. Situated in Attock, a city with a rich historical background and scenic beauty, Aiwa City benefits from a prime location. Its proximity to major highways and transportation networks makes it easily accessible from neighboring cities and towns.

The city’s location offers the perfect balance of tranquility and convenience. Residents can relish the peaceful ambiance of suburban life while still having access to modern facilities and services. From schools and hospitals to shopping centers and recreational spots, everything is just a short drive away.

Aiwa city Attock location

The Future of Aiwa City Attock:

The future of Aiwa City Attock looks incredibly promising. As development progresses, the city will witness a surge in property values, making it an ideal investment opportunity. Whether you plan to build your dream home or see it as a long-term investment, Aiwa City offers a bright future for both homeowners and investors alike.

The developers have outlined a comprehensive plan for the city’s growth, including the introduction of parks, commercial areas, educational institutions, and health facilities. The implementation of these amenities will enhance the overall quality of life for residents, making Aiwa City a self-sustained community.

Pros and Cons of Aiwa City Attock:

Pros of Aiwa City Attock

  1. Modern Living Experience: Aiwa City Attock offers a modern living experience with well-planned infrastructure and amenities. Residents can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with access to all essential facilities.
  2. Flexible Installment Plans: The availability of flexible installment plans makes it easier for potential homeowners to afford a plot in Aiwa City. The diverse range of plot sizes and payment options caters to various budget requirements.
  3. Approved NOC Status: Aiwa City Attock has obtained all the necessary approvals and NOCs from the PHATA and TMA, providing buyers with confidence and assurance that their investment is secure and legally compliant.
  4. Prime Location: Situated in Attock, Aiwa City enjoys a strategic location with easy accessibility from neighboring cities and towns. The city’s proximity to major highways and transportation networks enhances its convenience.
  5. Natural Surroundings: Aiwa City is surrounded by serene natural landscapes, providing residents with a peaceful and tranquil environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  6. Future Development Potential: With a comprehensive development plan in place, Aiwa City is expected to witness significant growth in the future. This makes it an attractive investment opportunity with the potential for increasing property values.

Cons of Aiwa City Attock:

  1. Distance from Major Cities: While Aiwa City’s serene location offers a peaceful ambiance, it may be relatively distant from major cities, which could be a drawback for individuals who require frequent access to urban centers.
  2. Infrastructure Development Stage: Depending on the current development stage of the project, there might be ongoing construction and infrastructure work, which could cause inconvenience to early residents.
  3. Market Volatility: Like any real estate investment, the property market is subject to fluctuations, and property values may vary over time. Potential buyers should consider market conditions before making a decision.


Aiwa City Attock presents an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking a modern and serene living experience. With its beautiful location, approved NOC status, and flexible installment plans, the city has already become a popular choice for potential homeowners and investors. By investing in Aiwa City, you are not just buying a piece of land; you are investing in a future that promises comfort, convenience, and growth.

So, if you’re ready to embark on the journey of building your dream home or making a wise investment, Aiwa City Attock is the place to be. Embrace the chance to be a part of this emerging residential community and watch your dreams come to life in this idyllic haven.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Aiwa City Attock

1. What is Aiwa City Attock, and how is it different from other projects?

Aiwa City Attock is a residential project known for its unique living experience at affordable rates. It stands out from other projects due to its well-planned infrastructure, serene environment, and a wide range of flexible installment plans.

2. Is Aiwa City Attock an approved and legal project?

The NOC (No Objection Certificate) status of Aiwa City Attock is currently under process. Buyers are advised to verify the latest updates on the project’s approval status.

3. Is Aiwa City Attock an affordable property project?

Yes, Aiwa City Attock is considered an affordable property project due to its easy installment plans, making it accessible to various budget ranges.

4. Does Aiwa City Attock have the potential for high investment return?

Yes, the affordability of Aiwa City Attock’s installment plans increases the potential for high investment returns. The project’s increasing demand and future development plans contribute to its investment appeal.

5. What is the current location map of Aiwa City Attock?

The current location of Aiwa City Attock is at GT Road, Attock. Interested parties can also verify the location through Google Maps.

6. Who are the developers of Aiwa City Attock?

Aiwa City Attock is being developed by the 5G Group of Companies and designed by Surbana Jurong.

7. How to book a property in Aiwa City Attock?

To book a property in Aiwa City Attock, interested buyers need to contact the salesperson, provide necessary information, select the desired property size, fill out personal information, and make the required payments as per the booking process.

8. What is the contact number for Aiwa City Attock’s head office?

For inquiries and information, interested individuals can visit the Aiwa City site office or contact the management through the provided contact details.

9. What is the process for Aiwa City Attock tracking?

For tracking inquiries or updates on Aiwa City Attock, buyers and investors can reach out to the management team directly.

10. Will there be any surcharge on late payments for plot booking in Aiwa City Attock?

Depending on the terms and conditions mentioned in the booking form, late payments may be subject to a surcharge.

11. Who is the owner of Aiwa City Attock?

The 5G Group of Companies is alleged to be the owner of Aiwa City Attock.

12. Is Aiwa City Attock a good investment opportunity?

Yes, Aiwa City Attock is considered a promising investment opportunity in Attock due to its affordable prices and future growth potential.

13. What is the Aiwa City Attock account number for payments?

The account number for Aiwa City Attock payments can be obtained from the management or through official communication channels.

14. Is Aiwa City Attock Zameen profitable to buy?

Yes, buying Zameen (land) in Aiwa City Attock has the potential for profitable returns in the future.

15. What is the helpline number for Aiwa City Attock?

For inquiries and assistance, interested parties can contact the Aiwa City management through the provided helpline number.

16. What is the address of Aiwa City Attock?

Aiwa City Attock is located at GT Road, Attock.

17. What are the latest updates on Aiwa City Attock 2023 payment plans?

For the latest updates on payment plans and other project developments, buyers can get in touch with the Aiwa City management.

18. Are Aiwa City Attock and New City Paradise having a merger?

There is no information regarding a merger between Aiwa City Attock and New City Paradise at the moment.

19. What are the road sizes in Aiwa City?

The road sizes in Aiwa City are expected to be wide and spacious for ease of movement.

20. Is it possible to visit the Aiwa City office?

Yes, interested individuals can visit the site office of Aiwa City Attock for inquiries and further information.

21. What plot sizes are available in Aiwa City Attock?

Aiwa City Attock offers residential plots in various sizes, including 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

22. Did Aiwa City Attock launch a new master plan?

There is no information regarding a new master plan launch at this time.

23. Are Aiwa City Attock plots available on installments?

Yes, Aiwa City Attock offers residential plots on easy installment plans.

24. Is Aiwa City Attock approved by the CDA?

No, Aiwa City Attock is expected to be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) or PHATA.

25. Is Aiwa City Attock booking open?

Yes, the booking for Aiwa City Attock is currently open.

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