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When it comes to elevating the interior aesthetics of your home, few materials rival the elegance and enduring beauty of marble. Throughout history, marble has remained a cornerstone of architectural design, cherished for its timeless allure and remarkable versatility.

In this blog, We embark on a journey into the types of marble prices in Pakistan today, delving into a diverse spectrum of marble types with prices ranging from Rs. 43 to Rs. 350, which define this luxurious choice. Whether you are considering a home renovation or seeking to augment your property’s value, a comprehensive understanding of the marble market is indispensable.

Advantages Marble Flooring?

The allure of marble flooring stems from a myriad of advantages that make it a preferred choice for homeowners and architects alike:

  1. Elegance and Aesthetics: Renowned for its intricate veining patterns and a spectrum of colors, marble effortlessly elevates the visual appeal of any space, be it residential or commercial.
  2. Durability and Longevity: Withstanding heavy foot traffic is a forte of marble, rendering it ideal for areas that experience high volumes of movement, such as hallways and entryways.
  3. Cooling Properties: In warmer climates, marble’s innate cooling attributes make it a comfortable flooring option, even when tread upon without footwear.
  4. Versatility of Colors and Patterns: Marble presents an endless array of colors and patterns, enabling boundless creative possibilities to harmonize with any interior design.
  5. Property Value Enhancement: Regarded as a symbol of opulence, marble flooring has the power to augment a property’s resale value, captivating potential buyers and investors.
  6. Ease of Maintenance: A regular regimen of sweeping and occasional mopping is usually sufficient to maintain the pristine appearance of marble floors.
  7. Natural Origin: Those with an eco-conscious mindset will appreciate marble as a natural stone, in line with sustainable building practices.
  8. Allergen Resistance: In contrast to carpets, marble’s smooth surface doesn’t harbor allergens like dust, pollen, or pet dander, contributing to healthier indoor air quality.

Diverse Types of Marble Prices in Pakistan

The market for all types of marble in Pakistan offers a rich assortment of choices, each with its unique charm. Here is a comprehensive list of various marble types, accompanied by their prices per square foot:

Marble TypePrice per Sq. Ft.Common Usage
Parlino MarbleRs. 110Ideal for Flooring, Rooms, Galleries, Porch
Verona Crystal MarbleRs. 85-130Suited for Expansive Flooring Areas
China Verona PlainRs. 100Popular Choice for Flooring
Verona Spots MarbleRs. 47Frequently Used in Rooms, Galleries, and Kitchens
Tavera MarbleRs. 65Durable and Fitting for Flooring
Tavera Light MarbleRs. 45Affordable Option for Flooring and Rooms
Tipi Flower MarbleRs. 60Distinctive Choice for Adding Elegance
Oceanic MarbleRs. 60Versatile Usage in Flooring, Rooms, Galleries
Black and Gold MarbleRs. 120Adds Luxury to Rooms and Flooring
Golden MarbleRs. 45Modern Appearance on a Budget
Ziarat Supreme MarbleRs. 300Premium Option for Flooring, Rooms, Galleries
Ziarat Gray MarbleRs. 90Bestows Elegance to Flooring and Rooms
Ziarat White MarbleRs. 90-350Premium Quality with Delicate Grain Patterns
Badal MarbleRs. 40Suitable for Flooring, Rooms, Galleries
Grey Emperador MarbleRs. 46Luxurious Feel for Different Spaces
Botticino Fancy MarbleRs. 100Offers Variety in Shades and Designs


Types of Marbles

all types of marbles in Pakistan

  1. Parlino Marble: A creamy marvel with minimal textures, Parlino Marble offers a modern touch and glossy finish, making it a premium choice for flooring, rooms, galleries, and porches.
  2. Verona Crystal Marble: Radiating a golden-brown hue with rich textures, Verona Crystal Marble is both visually captivating and budget-friendly, making it ideal for spacious flooring areas.
  3. China Verona Plain Marble: Imported from China, this marble showcases elegance and strength. Though slightly pricier, China Verona Plain Marble is a preferred choice for refined home interiors.
  4. Verona Spots Marble: Renowned for affordability and smooth texture, Verona Spots Marble, also known as Verona Dhaba, is commonly used in rooms, galleries, stairs, and kitchens.
  5. Tavera Marble: With a durable nature and beige tones with brown undertones, Tavera Marble is a versatile option for various spaces, promising longevity and elegance.
  6. Tavera Light Marble: As a lighter variation of Tavera Marble, this option offers affordability without compromising on aesthetic appeal, suiting those on a budget.
  7. Tipi Flower Marble: Unique for its granular texture, Tipi Flower Marble presents an inexpensive way to elevate your home’s beauty through distinctive flooring.
  8. Oceanic Marble: Displaying dark green-black hues with brown spots, Oceanic Marble creates a captivating effect, especially for those drawn to darker color schemes.
  9. Black and Gold Marble: Exuding opulence, Black and Gold Marble combines streaks of gold, white, and gray within its black base, making it a luxurious addition to rooms and spaces.
  10. Golden Marble: Offering affordability without compromising on aesthetics, Golden Marble introduces a touch of modernity, suitable for enhancing various spaces in your home.
  11. Ziarat Supreme Marble: A premium choice with anti-slip features, Ziarat Supreme Marble adds a touch of luxury to interiors, though it comes with a higher price tag.
  12. Ziarat Gray Marble: Local but elegant, Ziarat Gray Marble provides a gray seamless surface, adding sophistication to interiors and contributing to a timeless ambiance.
  13. Ziarat White Marble: Extracted locally, Ziarat White Marble boasts a pure white background with delicate grain patterns, ideal for creating an elegant, premium interior.
  14. Badal Marble: Known for its white streaks, Badal Marble adds elegance to rooms and galleries, making it a versatile and budget-friendly option for flooring.
  15. Grey Emperador Marble: With shades of gray to brown and white streaks, Grey Emperador Marble is a luxurious choice for various spaces like galleries, porches, and kitchens.
  16. Botticino Fancy Marble: Offering a variety of shades, Botticino Fancy Marble is a versatile option suitable for adding character to flooring, rooms, galleries, and porches.



The realm of marble flooring presents an enduring choice for enhancing both residential and commercial interiors across Pakistan. From the graceful Parlino to the opulent Ziarat Supreme, the extensive array of marble types and their corresponding prices accommodate diverse preferences and budgets. It’s important to remember that the lasting allure of marble necessitates regular care and maintenance.

By adhering to a routine of gentle cleaning and periodic polishing, your marble floors can retain their timeless elegance and contribute to the value of your property for generations to come. Whether your design vision leans towards classic or contemporary, marble flooring promises to make an indelible impression, transforming spaces into havens of luxury and sophistication.


FAQS on Types of Marble Prices in Pakistan

  1. What makes marble an ideal choice for enhancing interior aesthetics? Marble’s timeless beauty, intricate veining patterns, and wide range of colors make it an ideal choice for elevating the visual appeal of any space, be it residential or commercial.
  2. How has marble maintained its significance throughout architectural history? Marble’s enduring allure and remarkable versatility have made it a cornerstone of architectural design, cherished for its elegance and timeless appeal across various historical periods.
  3. What range of prices do marble types in Pakistan offer? Marble types in Pakistan come with prices ranging from Rs. 43 to Rs. 350 per square foot, offering a diverse spectrum to suit various budgets and preferences.
  4. What are the factors that influence the pricing of different marble types? Factors such as quality, rarity, color variations, and patterns influence the pricing of different marble types, along with supply and demand dynamics in the market.
  5. How can marble flooring enhance the value of a property? Marble flooring is perceived as a luxurious and attractive feature by homebuyers and experts, which can positively impact the resale value of a property.
  6. What are the advantages of using marble flooring? Marble flooring offers advantages like elegance, durability, cooling properties, versatility in colors and patterns, increased property value, ease of maintenance, and allergen resistance.
  7. How does marble’s natural cooling property make it suitable for warmer climates? Marble’s innate cooling attribute keeps it relatively cool to the touch, making it comfortable to walk on even in warmer climates.
  8. In what spaces can different marble types be effectively used? Different marble types have diverse applications, from flooring and rooms to galleries, kitchens, and porches, depending on their unique characteristics.
  9. How does the maintenance of marble flooring contribute to its longevity? Regular sweeping and occasional mopping with mild cleaners help maintain the appearance and longevity of marble floors, preserving their pristine look.
  10. How does marble compare to other flooring materials in terms of allergen resistance? Unlike carpets, marble’s smooth surface doesn’t trap allergens like dust, pollen, or pet dander, contributing to better indoor air quality.
  11. What are the distinguishing characteristics of Parlino Marble? Parlino Marble is a light cream-colored marble with minimal texture lines, providing a modern touch and glossy finish, suitable for various spaces.
  12. How does Verona Crystal Marble combine affordability and visual appeal? Verona Crystal Marble, with its golden-brown hue and rich textures, offers a visually captivating option that’s also budget-friendly, especially for larger areas.
  13. What sets China Verona Plain Marble apart as a refined choice? Imported from China, China Verona Plain Marble is known for its elegance and strength, making it a slightly pricier but refined choice for interiors.
  14. What are the primary applications of Verona Spots Marble in interior design? Verona Spots Marble, also called Verona Dhaba, is known for its affordability and smooth texture, commonly used in rooms, galleries, stairs, and kitchens.
  15. What are the distinctive features of Tavera Marble that make it versatile? Tavera Marble’s durability, beige tones with brown undertones, and granular structure make it a versatile option suitable for various spaces.
  16. How does Tavera Light Marble provide an affordable flooring solution? Tavera Light Marble, a lighter variation of Tavera Marble, offers an affordable option for those on a budget while maintaining aesthetic appeal.
  17. What makes Tipi Flower Marble stand out as a unique option? Tipi Flower Marble’s granular texture sets it apart, providing a distinctive and inexpensive way to enhance the beauty of your home’s flooring.
  18. How does Oceanic Marble create a captivating effect with its hues? Oceanic Marble, with its dark green-black hue and brown spots, adds a captivating touch, particularly appealing to those inclined towards darker colors.
  19. What elements contribute to the luxurious appearance of Black and Gold Marble? Black and Gold Marble, known as ‘Michaelangelo marble,’ combines streaks of gold, white, and gray in its black base, exuding opulence and luxury.
  20. What makes Ziarat Supreme Marble a premium choice and what spaces is it best suited for? Ziarat Supreme Marble’s premium quality, anti-slip features, and high price tag make it a choice for those seeking luxurious interiors, ideal for flooring, rooms, and galleries.

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