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scrap steel prices uk


In the dynamic realm of metal recycling, steel stands as a stalwart player, coveted for its durability, weldability, and resistance to rusting. As we delve into the current state of the scrap steel market in the UK in 2024, we uncover the factors influencing prices and the robust system of recycling enterprises that contribute to the sustainable reuse of this essential metal.

Current Scrap Steel Prices in UK:

Let’s take a closer look at the current scrap steel prices in the UK. As of May 2024 Current scrap steel prices in UK starting form £920 to £1,950 tonne of scrap steel price in UK


 Steel TypePrice per Tonne (GBP)
Stainless Steel£1,200
Stainless Steel Turns£920
Stainless Steel Solids£1,950

Following prices highlight the varying values of different types of stainless steel, reflecting the intricacies of the recycling market.

The Scrap Market in the UK:

UK boasts a thriving scrap market, featuring over 1,500 enterprises that contribute to a robust supply system. This network includes specialized companies and recyclers dedicated to the responsible handling of scrap materials. Steel scrap, in particular, holds a prominent position in the scrap industry due to its extensive use in various sectors, including industry and mechanical engineering.

Steel Scrap Origins:

Steel scrap in the UK originates from diverse sources, ranging from old automobiles and farm equipment to household appliances and structural steel. The vast scale of metal recyclers in the country processes materials not only on an industrial level but also from individual suppliers looking to responsibly dispose of their used metal commodities.

Selling and Buying in the Scrap Industry:

Scrap industry operates on a two-way street, with individuals and businesses participating both as sellers and buyers. Whether you have steel scrap to sell or are in the market to purchase recycled materials, the industry accommodates both ends.

The Role of Metal Recyclers:

Metal recyclers play a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of the scrap industry. Their operations involve processing large-scale materials and collaborating with individual suppliers to manage the flow of steel scrap. This intricate network ensures a steady supply of materials for recycling, contributing to the overall sustainability of the metal industry.

Looking Ahead for scrap steel prices in UK for 2024:

This year 2023 presents a landscape where steel remains a cornerstone of the recycling industry. As demand for recycled steel persists, prices are influenced by factors such as global market dynamics, industrial needs, and environmental considerations.


In conclusion, the current scrap steel prices in the UK in 2023 underscore the significance of steel in the recycling ecosystem. As the industry continues to evolve, it remains essential for individuals, businesses, and recyclers to stay informed about market trends. Contributing to a sustainable and responsible approach to steel scrap management. Whether you are looking to sell or buy, the scrap industry in the UK provides a diverse marketplace that plays a crucial role in shaping the future of metal recycling.

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