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Updated silver rates in Pakitsn Per tola - 2023

Silver Rate in Pakistan

Today, we bring you the latest updates on the silver rate in Pakistan. Silver, a precious metal with various uses, has a significant presence in the Pakistani market. Whether you’re interested in investing or purchasing silver for ornamental purposes, staying informed about its current price is essential. As of  May, 2024, here’s the most up-to-date information on the silver rate in Pakistan:

Silver WeightRate (in Pakistani Rupees)
10 GramsRs. 2,351
1 Tola (11.6638 grams)Rs. 2740

Chandi/Silver Prices in Major Cities of Pakistan

No matter which city you reside in or are interested in, we’ve compiled the silver rates for some of the major cities in Pakistan. Here’s a breakdown of the current silver prices:

City10 Grams (Rs.)1 Tola (Rs.)
KarachiRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
HyderabadRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
LahoreRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
MultanRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
IslamabadRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
FaisalabadRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
RawalpindiRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
QuettaRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
AttockRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
BahawalpurRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
ChakwalRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
GujranwalaRs. 2,351Rs. 2740
GujratRs.2,351Rs. 2740
JhelumRs.2,351Rs. 2740
MirpurRs.2,351Rs. 2740
NawabshahRs.2,351Rs. 2740
NowsheraRs.2,351Rs. 2740
PeshawarRs.2,351Rs. 2740
SargodhaRs.2,351Rs. 2740
SialkotRs.2,351Rs. 2740

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan

Chandi Rate in Pakistan

The term “Chandi rate” refers to the price of silver in Pakistan. As of today, on 26 April, 2024, the silver rate in Pakistan stands at Rs. 2,351 for 10 grams and Rs. 2740 for 1 tola. If you are looking to purchase larger quantities, for instance, 52 tolas, the Chandi price would be approximately Rs. 119,808. This makes it crucial for individuals interested in the latest Chandi rate in Pakistan to stay updated regularly.

Silver Formation

Silver is a precious metal that follows gold in terms of value and usage. It has a wide range of applications, including jewelry and investment. Due to its affordability compared to gold, many people in Pakistan and around the world prefer silver for these purposes. Silver is malleable and can be easily shaped and crafted into various forms.

How is Silver Obtained?

Silver is primarily extracted from various ores and minerals, such as argentite, chlorargyrite, and galena. It is also found in small quantities in gold, copper, zinc, and lead ores. The process of mining and extracting silver is crucial in determining its availability and, subsequently, its price.

Factors Affecting the Silver Rate in Pakistan

The silver rate in Pakistan is not fixed and can fluctuate due to various factors, including:

  1. Economic Conditions: Economic stability or instability can significantly impact the price of silver.
  2. Supply and Demand: The availability of silver in the market plays a vital role in determining its rate.
  3. Political Factors: Political events and decisions can influence the silver rate.
  4. Global Gold Rate: The price of gold often correlates with the price of silver, affecting its rate.


As of  May, 2024, today silver rate in Pakistan is Rs. 2,351 for 10 grams and 1 tola chandi price is Rs. 2740. Staying informed about the current Chandi rate in Pakistan is essential for anyone interested in silver, whether for investment or ornamental purposes.

The price of silver in Pakistan can fluctuate due to several factors, making it crucial to keep an eye on market updates. Remember that the rate can vary slightly from city to city, so it’s a good practice to check local rates before making a purchase

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