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Due to inflation, initiating construction projects has become increasingly challenging because today cement rate in Pakistan increasing on daily basis. When it comes to constructing buildings, houses roads, and more, cement is a key ingredient. If you’re curious about how much a 50kg  cement bag price in Pakistan this   May, we’re here to make it easy for you to understand and calculated construction budget.

today Cement Price in Pakistan in ( May Updates)

As of  May, 2024 today cement rate in Pakistan starting from Rs. 1,165-1,270 per 50 kg of cement brands in Pakistan like DG cement, Fuji and Lucky cement

CompaniesPrice/50kg Bag
BestWay Cement RateRS. 1,200-1,205
Maple Leaf White CementRS. 1,850-1,900
Kohat WhiteRS. 1,195-1,200
Pakcem Cement RateRS. 1,200-1,205
DG Khan Cement RateRS. 1195-1,205
Fauji Cement RateRS. 1,190-1,200
Lucky Cement RateRS. 1,190-1,210
Kohat Cement RateRS. 1,195-1,200
Cherat Cement RateRS. 1,195-1,190
Maple Leaf Cement RateRS. 1,850-1,900
Power cement RateRS. 1,190-1,195
Askari cement RateRS. 1,190-1,195
Pioneer Cement RateRS. 1,190-1,195
Paidar Cement RateRS. 1,190-1,195
Falcon Cement RateRS. 1,190-1,195
Flaying Pakistan RateRS.1,170-1,195

Disclaimer: These are the today cement rate in Pakistan as of  May, 2024. However, the above-mentioned rates may differ from the company rates.

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Factors Influencing Cement rates in Pakistan

Several factors contribute to the fluctuation in cement prices across different brands and regions:

  • Raw Material Costs
  • Transportation Expenses
  • Brand and Quality
  • Market Demand and Supply
  • Economic Factors
  1. Raw Material Costs: The cost of sourcing raw materials such as limestone, clay, and gypsum significantly impacts production costs, influencing the final cement price.
  2. Transportation Expenses: The cost of transporting cement from manufacturing plants to distribution centers and retailers affects overall pricing, with fuel prices and transportation infrastructure playing a significant role.
  3. Brand and Quality: Different cement brands and quality grades offer varying properties and strengths, leading to price disparities based on performance and reputation.
  4. Market Demand and Supply: Fluctuations in construction activity and demand for cement can lead to price adjustments, particularly during peak construction seasons.
  5. Economic Factors: General economic conditions, inflation rates, and currency fluctuations can influence the overall cost structure of cement production and impact pricing.

How to Stay Updated about today cement rate in Pakistan

If you want to know the latest cement prices, you can:

  • Ask Around: Check with local shops that sell cement. They usually have the most recent prices.
  • Online: Some websites or apps might show you current cement prices.


FAQs about Today cement rate in Pakistan

Q1: What is the cement price in Pakistan today?

As of  May, 2024, the cement prices in Pakistan vary among different brands starting from 1265-1270. For specific price details, you can refer to the provided table in this article.

Q2: How much is one bag of cement in Pakistan?

The price of one 50kg bag of cement can vary based on the brand and other factors. As of December 2023 50 kg bag price is starting from Rs 1265-1400. Prices for different brands are mentioned in the table above.

Q3: What is the cost of 1 kg of cement?

Cement is typically sold in bags of 50kg, so the cost is calculated based on the price per bag. However, the cost of 1 kg of cement can be determined by dividing the price of a 50kg bag by 50.

Q4: What is the price of concrete cement in Pakistan?

The price of concrete cement in Pakistan varies based on the brand and quality. For the latest prices, you can refer to the provided table or inquire with local retailers and suppliers.

Q5: How often do cement prices change?

Cement prices can change based on market conditions, supply and demand, and economic factors. Prices may be relatively stable for a certain period but can fluctuate during peak construction seasons or due to external factors.

Q6: How can consumers stay updated on cement prices?

Consumers can stay informed about cement prices by regularly checking with local retailers, construction material suppliers, or online platforms that provide real-time price updates.

Q7: Do cement prices affect construction project budgets?

Yes, cement prices directly impact construction project budgets. Fluctuations in cement prices can lead to adjustments in overall project costs, affecting financial planning and resource allocation.

Q8: Are there any government regulations influencing cement prices?

Government policies, taxes, and import/export regulations can impact cement prices. Changes in these policies can have a cascading effect on production costs and, subsequently, on cement prices.


the cost of cement rate in Pakistan is subject to a variety of influences, encompassing production expenses, market demand and supply, governmental regulations, and taxation. At present, the average rate for a 50kg bag of cement starting from Rs. 1265-1270 As of  January 2024. This information holds significance for builders, contractors, and individuals embarking on construction endeavors, as staying well-informed about ongoing cement prices empowers them to make well-considered choices when devising and executing their construction projects.

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