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Copper Price in Pakistan


Copper, known for its indispensable role in various industries, remains a valuable metal in Pakistan. As it continues to be a focal point of daily metal trading activities, understanding the intricacies of copper prices becomes crucial for investors, businesses, and consumers alike.

Why Copper Matters:

Copper, locally referred to as ‘tanba’ or ‘peetal,’ holds a special place in construction, electrical applications, transportation, and telecommunications due to its remarkable properties and versatility. Its consistent demand makes it an essential commodity in the global market, impacting various sectors in Pakistan.

Current Copper Prices in Pakistan (  May 2024)

As of  May 2024 Today Copper Price in Pakistan staring fri Rs. 2400 to 2550 followings are new copper rates in Pakistan

Copper TypeRate Range (Rs. per Kg)
New CopperRs. 2,400 to Rs. 2,550
Scrap CopperRs. 1,660 to Rs. 1,970

Disclaimer: Prices are market-based and subject to variation. This information serves as a reference, and consumers are advised to make purchases based on market rates.

List of Notable Copper Brands in Pakistan

  • Pioneer Cables Limited
  • I&H Trading and Manufacturing
  • Veracom International
  • Musleh Trading
  • Ganar International
  • Pearl Cables and Conductors
  • PM Engineering
  • Future Traders
  • Orient Trading Company
  • Ali and Company
  • Atta Steel and Copper Industries
  • Bushra Enterprises
  • Mian Mohammad Feroze and Sons Enterprises
  • Petro Sourcing
  • Mirza Traders
  • System Electrical and General Equipment
  • Maaz 360 Private Limited
  • Copper World
  • MM Enterprises
  • Trading Strings

Scrap Copper and Silver Price Per Kg in Pakistan (2024)

Scrap Copper TypeAverage Per Kg Rate
Tamba CopperRs. 2300
Desi Armature CopperRs. 2270
Burtan TambaRs. 2060
Tanda TambaRs. 1920
Lal PetalRs. 1790
PetalRs. 1480
Petal Motor BankarRs. 1580
Petal RadiatorRs. 1340

Factors Influencing Copper Prices in Pakistan

  1. Supply and Demand Dynamics: Population growth, urbanization, and industrialization impact copper demand. Fluctuations in mining operations, environmental regulations, and geopolitical factors influence supply.
  2. Infrastructure Development: Government focus on improving infrastructure boosts the need for copper-based products in projects like CPEC.
  3. Global Economic Conditions: Economic growth, inflation, trade policies, and geopolitical events globally affect copper prices in Pakistan.

Future Outlook for Copper in Pakistan

The copper market in Pakistan is poised for growth. As infrastructure development, urbanization, and industrial activities rise, copper demand will increase. Government initiatives to attract investments further support the industry.


By monitoring market trends, supply and demand, and global economic conditions, stakeholders can make informed decisions about copper investments and pricing strategies. This comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for understanding the dynamics of copper prices in Pakistan.

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