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Understanding financial news and market trends is crucial for students pursuing studies in finance, business, and other related fields. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) offers a comprehensive suite of insights, analysis, and news that can significantly aid in their academic and future professional careers. Recognizing the importance of making such resources accessible, the WSJ provides a discounted student subscription. This guide delves into the reasons to opt for a WSJ student subscription, what it includes, how to subscribe, manage your subscription, and addresses frequently asked questions.

Why Choose a WSJ Student Subscription?

Breaking down the benefits of WSJ’s discounted student subscription

The WSJ student subscription stands out as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of financial news, global economics, and market trends. A discounted student subscription to the Wall Street Journal not only makes this leading source of financial news more accessible but also ensures students can stay informed about the latest market developments, innovative business strategies, and economic policies affecting global and local economies. The subscription includes full access to, offering an array of articles, analyses, and commentaries crucial for academic research and knowledge enhancement.

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Comparing WSJ student subscription with regular Wall Street Journal subscriptions

When it comes to pricing and accessibilities, the WSJ student subscription is significantly more affordable than its regular counterparts, making the Wall Street Journal’s premium content accessible to the student demographic. Unlike the regular subscriptions, the student subscription provides offers tailored to meet students’ needs and budget constraints, without compromising the quality or depth of information. This discounted student subscription ensures that students can access the same high-quality financial news and insights as professionals in the field, but at a fraction of the cost.

Understanding the value of staying informed with WSJ’s financial news as a student

For students pursuing careers in finance, economics, business, and related fields, staying abreast of the latest financial news is vital. The Wall Street Journal’s coverage provides students with a real-world application of their classroom theories, enhancing learning outcomes and preparing them for successful careers. The insights gained from WSJ can foster a deeper understanding of market dynamics, economic policies, and business strategies, which are crucial for any aspiring professional in the financial world. Therefore, a WSJ student subscription acts as a bridge between academic theories and real-world financial applications.

What Does a WSJ Student Subscription Include?

Exploring the components of the WSJ digital bundle for students

The WSJ digital bundle for students is an extensive package that includes full digital access to the Wall Street Journal’s website (, mobile and tablet apps, podcasts, exclusive newsletters, and more. This bundle is designed to cater to the diverse preferences of students, whether they prefer reading articles online, listening to economic analyses, or browsing through market trends on their mobile devices.

Access digital subscription: What can you browse with full access to

With full access to, students can explore a vast array of content ranging from the latest financial news, market data, analyses, and commentary. This digital subscription ensures students have the information they need to support their studies, research, and stay informed about global and local economic events. Moreover, the WSJ digital subscription for students includes access to MarketWatch and, providing a more rounded understanding of financial markets.

The perks of including MarketWatch and WSJ Newsletter in your subscription

Subscribing to the WSJ student subscription gives students additional access to and the WSJ Newsletter, among other resources. MarketWatch offers up-to-the-minute market information and financial news, helping students make sense of stock movements and economic indicators. The WSJ Newsletter, on the other hand, provides curated insights and summaries of crucial financial trends and stories, making it easier for students to catch up on important news amid their busy schedules. These resources complement the broader WSJ subscription, enhancing students’ understanding of finance and economics.

How to Subscribe to WSJ Student Subscription

Navigating the subscription options: From digital to WSJ app

Subscribing to the WSJ student subscription is a straightforward process that can be done online. Students have the option to choose between digital subscription packages that best suit their needs—whether they prefer accessing content via the WSJ website or using the mobile and tablet apps for on-the-go reading. Each option provides full access to, including all articles, podcasts, and exclusive content for subscribers.

Step-by-step guide to the WSJ student subscription order page

To subscribe, students can visit the official WSJ for Students order page. Here, they’ll find detailed information on the available subscription options, pricing, and benefits. The process involves confirming student status, selecting the preferred subscription package, and completing the billing information. Once the subscription is activated, students gain immediate access to the WSJ digital bundle, including all articles, commentary, and subscriber-exclusive content.

Tips for ensuring your student status qualifies you for the discounted rate

To qualify for the WSJ student subscription discounted rate, students must provide valid verification of their student status. This may involve submitting a school email address, student ID, or other proof as required by the WSJ’s verification process. It’s essential to ensure that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date to avoid delays in subscription activation. By thoroughly following the verification steps, students can enjoy the benefits of the WSJ digital bundle at a significantly reduced cost.

Managing Your WSJ Subscription: Renewal, Billing, and Cancellation

Understanding your billing options and how to renew your subscription

WSJ student subscriptions are typically billed on a periodic basis depending on the chosen package. Before the end of the current billing period, subscribers will receive a notification with options to renew their subscription. Managing billing and renewal can easily be done through the WSJ’s customer center or by contacting customer service. It’s important for students to keep track of their subscription status to not miss out on continuous access.

How to cancel your WSJ subscription at any time and troubleshooting common issues

Subscribers have the flexibility to cancel their WSJ subscription at any time. To cancel, students can access their account settings on, navigate to the subscription section, and select the cancellation option. For any challenges encountered during the cancellation process, WSJ’s customer service is available to assist. They can help troubleshoot common issues, provide information on future charges associated with cancellation, and guide subscribers through the process.

Utilizing WSJ’s customer service for subscription inquiries and assistance

WSJ’s customer service plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless subscription experience. For any inquiries, whether it’s about billing, renewal, or cancellation, the customer service team is ready to assist. Subscribers can contact the team for help with access issues, forgotten passwords, and any other subscription-related matters. The responsive and helpful customer service at WSJ ensures that students can maximize the benefits of their subscription without hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions About WSJ Student Subscriptions

How to use the WSJ mobile and tablet apps with your student subscription

Students with a WSJ subscription can use the WSJ mobile and tablet apps to read articles, listen to podcasts, and access other exclusive content on the go. After subscribing, simply download the WSJ app from the App Store or Google Play, log in with your subscription details, and enjoy full access to WSJ’s digital content. This convenience allows students to stay informed, no matter where they are.

What to do if you face issues accessing your digital subscription

If subscribers encounter difficulties accessing their digital subscription, the first step is to visit the WSJ customer center or use the ‘forgot your password’ link for account recovery options. In cases where access issues persist, contacting WSJ customer service for direct assistance is advisable. The team is equipped to address technical issues, ensure devices are properly configured for optimal access, and provide guidance on subscription management.

Exploring the additional subscriber benefits and features of future view

WSJ student subscriptions go beyond providing news and financial analysis. Subscribers also gain access to ‘Future View,’ a feature offering forward-looking insights into innovations, market trends, and emerging economic opportunities. Additionally, subscriber benefits include exclusive access to newsletters, special reports, and educational materials designed to enrich students’ learning experiences. These resources are valuable tools for students to leverage in their studies and future careers in the finance and business world.

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