Zaitoon City Lahore Updated Installment Plan 2024

Zaitoon City Lahore Updated Installment Plan 2023


Zaitoon City Lahore develops as a ray of confidence and imagination in a world where aspirations to buy a home often come into conflict with challenges of financial limitations. We are happy to introduce the Zaitoon City updated Installment Plan 2024, an innovative plan for allowing ownership for all people.

At Zaitoon City Lahore, we understand that a home is more than just a building; it is also a haven, a blank canvas for priceless recollections, and a tangible representation of aspirations. We have created an installment plan that allows you to move into your ideal house without risking your financial stability with this knowledge at the core of our goal.4

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3 Marla residential Plot for sale in Zaitoon city Lahore

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he Zaitoon City Lahore Updated Installment Plan 2023 is evidence of everlasting commitment to helping you realize your dream of house ownership. Warmly welcome you to move forward with confidence, aware that you are not just buying a piece of real estate but also investing in a future full of comfort, joy, and financial security.

Owners & Developers of Zaitoon city Lahore:

Built by the esteemed “Zaitoon Group,” known for their excellence in timely, affordable, and high-quality projects, this housing society redefines modern living through innovative technology and creative features. With a focus on security and smooth services, the Zaitoon Group aims to stand out as Pakistan’s leading real estate developer, offering a world-class lifestyle to all.

Their commitment to technology-driven solutions and timely delivery ensures customer satisfaction while creating gated communities and upscale structures. Amidst a tranquil yet well-connected environment, the project boasts not only essential amenities but also profitable commercial spaces, ensuring long-term value and returns on investment for both residential and business needs.

Zaitoon City, Lahore NOC:

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has accepted Zaitoon city Lahore’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) and NOC is LDA/DMP-III/1961. All development is done under LDA’s control, and all processing complies with legal requirements.

Location of Zaitoon City Lahore:

In Lahore, Pakistan, next to Sundar Road lies Canal Road, where Zaitoon City is situated. It is situated in an ideal location and is easily accessible from the city’s major areas. Zaitoon City’s exact location is at Canal Road, Sundar Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan; Zaitoon City;

The project is situated close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) in the eastern suburbs of Lahore. As a result, it is conveniently reachable from the city’s main locations, such as the city center, the airport, and the train station.

  • Situated a short 10-minute drive from Shahkam Flyover
  • Easily accessible within 15 minutes from Ferozepur Road
  • Well-connected, 20 minutes from Motorway interchanges
  • Proximity to DHA Lahore, only 25 minutes away
  • Convenient 30-minute drive from Lahore Airport
  • Quick access, just 6 minutes from Lahore Ring Road

Zaitoon City, Lahore Master Plan:

The residential and commercial plots represent Zaitoon City Lahore’s master plan. 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla plots represent the residential plots.

The dimensions of the commercial plots are 4 and 8 m2. The adventure park will take up a sizable portion of the space. The developers will soon release the master plan for it because it is an upcoming project.

Zaitoon city lahre map

zaitoon City Lahore updated payment plan in installment 2024:

Introducing the Zaitoon City Updated Installment Plan 2023: Your Gateway to Affordable homeownership.

Residential Plots:

Plot SizeTotal PriceDown PaymentMonthly Installment
3 MarlaRs. 2,700,000Rs. 270,000Rs. 15,000
5 MarlaRs. 4,000,000Rs. 400,000Rs. 25,000
10 MarlaRs. 8,000,000Rs. 800,000Rs. 40,000
20 MarlaRs. 16,000,000Rs. 1,600,000Rs. 80,000

Commercial Plots:

Plot SizeTotal PriceDown PaymentMonthly Installment
4 MarlaRs. 3,200,000Rs. 320,000Rs. 20,000
6 MarlaRs. 4,800,000Rs. 480,000Rs. 28,000
8 MarlaRs. 6,400,000Rs. 640,000Rs. 36,000

FAQ about Zaitoon city Lahore

Q: How do I avail myself of the monthly installment scheme?

To avail yourself of the monthly installment scheme, you can contact the sales team at Zaitoon City. They will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you book your plot.

Q: What are the risks of paying in installments?

Additionally, there are multiple risks connected to paying in installments, such as:

Over time, you can end up paying a higher interest rate.

Your credit history could be harmed if you skip a payment. The payments could become unaffordable if your financial status changes.

Q: How do I choose the right installment plan for me?

There are a few factors to take into account while selecting an installment plan:

  • The cost of the purchase
  • Financial plan.
  • The rate of interest
  • The duration of the repayment schedule

and the plan’s terms and conditions

Before selecting one, it is crucial to examine different installment options. Prior to signing anything, you should confirm that you comprehend the plan’s terms and conditions.

Are there utilities like power, gas, and water in Zaitoon City?

Yes, the housing development claims to give residents access to all necessary services. Water, gas, and electricity are always available.

Is Lahore’s Zaitoon City an authentic housing society?

Yes, Zaitoon City in Lahore is a real housing society. It is an LDA-approved project, which indicates that the Lahore Development Authority has given it legal approval. A renowned business with a solid track record is also behind the project’s development.

 Who are the owners and developers of Zaitoon City, Lahore?

The developer and proud owner of Zaitoon City Lahore is Zaitoon Group, a well-known real estate company. They have used their experience to build a vibrant community.


There are several housing societies in Lahore, but Zaitoon New City Lahore is in a great spot and promotes a high-quality lifestyle at reasonable costs. You may find affordable monthly installments updated for 2023 in Zaitoon City Lahore, which allows you to purchase your dream home in a luxurious area by paying simple monthly payments.

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